Application Log Error with OrphansRecordedEvent

Hi Team,

While Application trying to connect to Couchbase Server DEV team enable logging and we can see the log with OrphanRecord Events. Could you help me to understand why these errors are captured in log.

icampaign.20231017-070019-569.log.gz:Tue Oct 17|07:00:14.050|W|cb-events|[com.couchbase.tracing][OverThresholdRequestsRecordedEvent][10s] Requests over Threshold found: [{"top":[{"operation_name":"GetRequest","server_us":0,"last_local_id":"8B84C92A00000001/0000000017FDBBF8","last_local_address":"xx.xx.xx.xx:48162","last_remote_address":"","last_dispatch_us":1841463,"last_operation_id":"0x1de9187","total_us":1841007}],"service":"kv","count":1}]|com.couchbase.tracing||
icampaign.20231017-080036-698.log.gz:Tue Oct 17|08:00:11.704|W|cb-events|[com.couchbase.tracing][OrphansRecordedEvent][10s] Orphaned requests found:


We do have a lot of documentation on our Couchbase Product online at Couchbase Documentation | Couchbase Docs . The Search field suggests results as you type. Using a Google search will give results outside of the Couchbase documentation.

The two messages you indicate are not errors, they are warnings (annotated with |W| from your logger)
First result gives a description. Orphaned Requests Logging | Couchbase Docs

An orphan is a response for a request that has been cancelled - usually the request has timed-out, so the SDK cancels it, and stops expecting a response. If and when a response does arrive, it is reported.
The “Request Tracing” result (sixth result) gives the description. Request Tracing | Couchbase Docs