Appending extra disk to Couchbase server

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We installed a couchbase on Linux machine, and the couchbase is just a single node.

We found the Linux is running out of the space soon, and we would like to append another disk to the machine.

Previously, another team from us install the Couchbase on a Windows machine. When they append the disk the Windows machine, they have to backup the data and move the data to the newly appended the disk.

With this in mind, I am wondering what we should be aware of when appending the disk to a Linux machine. We are using ubuntu.

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usually the recommended procedure when modifying machine’s hardware is to do a swap rebalance.

Thanks for your reply.

Can you please give more information on this bit.

I am still confused about the procudere.

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Swap rebalance means you remove one node, rebalance your data while upgrading the node you removed, than add the node back, than rebalance data again. You can do that several node at a time. It allows your Couchbase cluster to be always on. More informations are available on our documentation:

Thanks for your reply.

But I am not sure that we will go through such a complex procudre.

Our current situation is that we have only one node doing the business. We are not in multiple node situation. This node is going to runing out off the space, and we want to append extra disk onto a linux machine. We can attach the disk when there is no I/O operation.

With this, I am wondering that if we could simply attach the disk to the Linux and reboot the Linux, and the couchbase will continue to do the I/O correctly?

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The minimum requirement for production is 3 nodes in a cluster.
That being said, yes it should work , and I hope you are doing backups every day at the very least.