OS patching on couchbase server nodes


I am using a 4 node couchbase 5.5 cluster with 2 data nodes and 2 index/query nodes
what is the desired procedure for OS patching / upgrade to perform without downtime

Version : Enterprise Edition 5.5.3 build 4039
Replica : 1 for both data and indexes


Hi Haf,
Thanks for using our product.
If you want to upgrade OS, you need a new server, install Couchbase server 5.5 and do swap rebalance because each OS, we have a different package for it.
For example, if your server is ubuntu 14.04 and you want to upgrade to ubuntu 16.08, you need a new ubuntu 16.04 server to install Couchbase server 5.5 package for ubuntu 16.04. Then do swap rebalance to add new ubuntu 16.04 (data node) in and remove old ubuntu 14.04 (data node) out of cluster.
If you want to upgrade to ubuntu 20.04, you need to upgrade your cluster 5.5 to latest version like 6.6.
Here is the information of support OS of Couchbase server https://docs.couchbase.com/server/5.5/install/install-platforms.html
You could do the same step for other services.
If you have any question, drop me a line at thuan at couchbase dot com

Hi Thuan

Thanks for the clarification

One more related query too if we plan to do minor upgrade on OS like a install security update patch
Could you please mention the steps that can be followed to perform it online


Hi Haf and Thuan,

We are looking for the same context,
for OS system security and package update (not like Ubuntu18 → Ubuntu20)
were there further discussion?