All memory allocated to this bucket is used for metadata

I have a 10 nodes cb cluster with 24000MB Data RAM Quota each node.I created a bucket with 23000MB Data RAM Quota per node.The cache metadata setting is full ejection.
I upsert data with no more than 50,000 documents/s rate.When the RAM is not full,everthing goes well.But after using about 80% RAM Quota,there is always a TemporaryFailureException.I tried to add nodes,but no use.How can I solve this problem?
After upserting more than 100,000,000 documents,I received the folling message:All memory allocated to this bucket is used for metadata.But the metadata should be ejected,and the monitor from the UI shows only 962MB metadata in RAM.Why I get the alert and can’t upsert any document to the cluster?


I see no answer here from the CB team - too bad.

Did you manage to resolve this issue?

I’m afraid we will run into the same situation while trying to use CouchBase nodes with moderate RAM for storing statistics data with millions of possible permutations per minute.

In general we cannot eject metadata if it’s for items which have yet to be persisted or replicated. Therefore if either of those queues are non-zero then that will prevent data from being ejected, even in Full-eviction mode.

You don;t mention which version you’re running - IIRC there were some bugs in full-eviction in earlier versions. Consider checking with the most recent release.