Vbucket is showing wrong information

I’m having a problem with a bucket in my couchbase server 4.0.
Yesterday i get the Hard Out Of Memory Error. Bucket “XXX” on node xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is full. All memory allocated to this bucket is used for metadata.

But from the image below, i only have 82.6MB in metadata, and the bucket was set with 6GB of RAM.
Now i have wierd values in user data in ram, its saing 41.9MB(active) + 41.9MB(replica) and then 5.39GB on total.
And i have a really low resident data percentage.
What am i missing?
How can i set this values back to normal?

I’m using value ejection.
Just to understant this ejects data when the bucket has not enouth ram to support all documents and the metadata, write?
I’m not understanding how can i Hard Out Of Memory Error when there only 82MB of metadata.

Thank you