_all_docs endpoint displays document info after reaching that document in sync gw

Hi all,

We are facing very weird situation right now. By using java sdk, we imported around 10.000 documents. When we call _all_docs, we saw that only 135 of them was listed. I also checked the user endpoints to check channels (for each document we defined a specific channel) and there were also only 135 corresponding channels.

Then I wanted to check other documents, I tought maybe there were some data inconsistencies. However, after each trial (for the ones which didn’t send to _all_docs), I understood that there was no error, that document can be seen without an issue. Then I went back and called _all_docs again. At that time, the document was there. I tested for 5 documents and now I can see 140 documents as a result of _all_docs.

We are confused with that behaviour. Moreover, we are using sync gateway 2.1 & couchbase 5.0

Thanks a lot.