All buckets are accessible from one account

Hi, Our company though to migration PouchDB-CouchDB to Couchbase. I was build a middleware to auto create database with CouchDB restful api PUT /db/. We have a lot of databases. So I can’t just write all my buckets into the sync-gateway configuration file. There two problem need to fix.

  1. Most rest apis compatible with CouchDB.
  2. All buckets are accessible from one account.

Is very similar Sync Gateway: Multiple buckets through one db?


To not influence performance in a negative way the maximum allowed buckets on Couchbase Server is 10. If that is not enough I suggest you should consider the possibility of channels and/or filters.

It’s really cool to deepdive into the SGW configuration. It has a lot of possibilities. A rest api is also available

We have a setup where all buckets are available from one account.

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