Admin UI of Sync Gateway

I am getting admin UI of sync gateway by http://ServerIP:4985/_admin/
(in the sync_gateway configuration file, I just put adminInterface: ServerIP:4985). The ServerIP is public IP, not the loopback

The admin UI I got this way does show the documents and let me create new database, but it doesn’t seems to offer a way to delete documents or delete a database. It seems quite different from the admin UI I saw in couchbase talks/presentations in the past (it’s missing many features shown in those presentations), I was wondering am I setting up this admin UI right? how to get the full featured admin UI?

You may be confusing the admin UI of Couchbase Server with the admin UI of Couchbase Sync Gateway?

This is the Couchbase Server console:

Based on the URL you posted, I think you’re getting the Sync Gateway UI, which looks like this:

That’s right, problem solved! Thanks Matthew!