Admin rights required to use CURL Function statements with 5.0.1 C.E.?

Hi there,

In my current project, we are using CURL in one of our N1QL query to be able to mix N1QL/FTS statements as indicated in the curl function documentation

The documentation states that non administrator users MUST be granted query_external_access role to use FROM CURL statements

For all other users, the RBAC role QUERY_EXTERNAL_ACCESS is required to run the CURL() function. Only the Full Administrator can assign the QUERY_EXTERNAL_ACCESS role to other users.

It appears that this role is not visible in the UI with the community edition.

Does it mean that to use the feature we have to run queries from our application server using an administrator account ?


The Admin needs to grant the specific user access first. Then that user can run curl() statements.

Can you login with the admin account and see if you can see the QUERY CURL ACCESS role under Admin and Global Roles dropdown menu ? Check that for the particular user. Then that user can use CURL()

Hi isha,

It seems as we are running the Community Edition we can only grant bucket_full_access[*] to our application user.

But this role does not seem to include the query_curl_access at least in version 5.0.1.

If we grant admin rights to our application user then the query runs just fine.

Is there a way to grant this role with the community edition ?

Thank you