Provide access to run N1QL queries to end users

We are running Couchbase 4.5 on Windows. We’d like to provide developers and some business users access to run N1QL queries via the query tab in the admin console.

The new server roles won’t work for us as we are on Windows and the roles require LDAP integration which apparently does not work with Couchbase on Windows. The read only account does not provide access to the query tab.

It seems like the only option to allow N1QL access is to provide people with the admin password for the cluster which is not really an option.

Any other ideas for providing non-administrators access to use N1QL to query Couchbase buckets? Has anyone developed a query tool that works with Couchbase and does not require providing the administrator password?

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Your best option, for version 4.5, is to use the stand-alone Couchbase Query Workbench Developer Preview: (look in the “Tools” section).

No administrator password is required, and this tool does permit authentication to password-protected buckets (if the user has the password).

Our hope is to have more refined server roles in the next release to include roles for accessing one or more buckets’ data, with no administrative permissions.

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Thank you for the suggestion. That may work.