Add Durability Constraints to couchbase-aspnet


I desperately want to get durability constraints passed from the session state provider along to the client’s Store() method. Unfortunately it appears the the reliance on the IMemcachedClient interface from Enyim prevents this due to not have a method signature for Store() that includes the constraints.

Is there a clear path forward for this?


Hello Rapzid -

Is there a clear path forward for this?

Unfortunately there is not at the moment. We are heavy into developing the .NET 2.0 SDK and it’s not likely we will be shifting resources over to adding features to something based off of the 1.X version.

If your really desperate, you could fork session state provider and swap the IMemcachedClient interface with the ICouchbaseClient interface and then provide the functionality you need. Note that ICouchbaseClient implements IMemcachedClient, so I don’t thing backwards compatibility would be an issue.