Add/change/delete authorized users on Gateway


I’m a brand new Couchbase fan and I’m trying to learn and figure out how to properly add change and delete authorized users from the Gateway. I’m following the documentation here:

And I understand how to add users via POST to the REST API. I also learned how to list users by sending an HTTP GET to:


However, I’m wondering if there’s a way to change or delete users after they have been added. Also, is there a config file or web admin interface for managing users or does this all have to happen over the REST API?

Hi @cliff76,

See the user api reference for details on updating/deleting users.

There is an unofficial admin UI to view the list of users on http://localhost:4985/_admin/.
To do the full CRUD operations on user records, the only way is through the REST API.
As a side note, this tutorial might help you to understand channels/roles.


Thanks @jamiltz! I was afraid there was no UI for CRUD on user records. Thanks for the link, however. That really helps! I was just looking to understand why my hello world example does not sync all of the records from the server when I delete and reinstall. I think it has something to do with channels which I haven’t learned yet. I’ll read the tutorial but I may have more questions.

Feel free to ask if you aren’t sure about something :].