Active queries with status "completed" but duration keeps go on

Sometimes looking at the “Query Monitor” I find queries with state “closed” but the duration keeps go on and they remain until I press the cancel button. Why this happens?

Here’s an example obatined by the query select active_requests.*, meta().plan from system:active_requests

    "clientContextID": "79f3b0e2b067569f",
    "elapsedTime": "21h47m48.662493175s",
    "executionTime": "21h47m48.662414045s",
    "node": "*****",
    "phaseCounts": {
      "fetch": 7
    "phaseOperators": {
      "authorize": 1,
      "fetch": 1,
      "filter": 1,
      "indexScan": 1,
      "update": 1
    "phaseTimes": {
      "authorize": "34.467µs",
      "fetch": "27.368µs",
      "filter": "56.651µs",
      "indexScan": "3.198511ms",
      "instantiate": "45.212µs",
      "parse": "11.028019ms",
      "plan": "177.79342ms",
      "run": "59.232844664s",
      "update": "22.272µs"
    "remoteAddr": "*****",
    "requestId": "f781ef7b-b002-4dca-b974-da26d0dabb1d",
    "requestTime": "2021-03-10T16:36:51.826Z",
    "scanConsistency": "unbounded",
    "state": "closed",
    "statement": "UPDATE `ipc-20002-prod` SET modules = ARRAY OBJECT_PUT(a, $productsName, (ARRAY c FOR c IN a.products WHEN c.productId != $productId END)) FOR a IN modules END WHERE type = $productType AND SOME c in channels SATISFIES c = $channel END AND isModular = true AND SOME c in modules SATISFIES (SOME d in c.products SATISFIES d.productId = $productId END) END",
    "userAgent": "libcouchbase/3.0.7-njs couchnode/3.1.1 (node/8.12.0; v8/6.2.414.66; ssl/1.0.2p)",
    "users": "*****"

Is this in 6.6?
7.0 beta?
We do have a report of similar behaviour, but don’t yet have a repro.

Enterprise Edition 6.6.1 build 9213

and is it specifically closed requests that don’t disappear, or do you also have say ‘timeout’?

Just closed requests, and they don’t go away until I press “Cancel”. Never saw a “timeout” in the active tab, only in the completed tab. we may have been a bit too cautious with a defensive fix.
Working on a new fix.

Ok. Don’t know if it helps, but out of all the queries I only encounter the issue with just 2 queries. The one reported and another one that is a “select”. Unfortunately I don’t have it right now, but I will report it as soon as it comes up again

Not to worry, this is not query specific.