Accessing a Couchbase Server in a private subnet in AWS VPC

Hey all,

I have a Couchbase cluster, setup in a AWS VPC. The cluster is setup in EC2 instances, that are in a private subnet of the VPC, without direct access to the internet. I have a public subnet in the VPC, where I host a bastion EC2 instance that I can “jump off” to do SSH based access to my EC2 instances. This allows me to connect to the EC2 instances in the private subnet via SSH to run administration tasks.

However sometimes I’d like to access a web console as well, to do Views administration, for example. My current approach is to setup a SSH tunnel to the bastion host, and then configure my network settings (SOCKS proxy) to use that tunnel to access the couchbase web console. However setting this up can be cumbersome, if I do it often.

Is there a better recipe for this situation? Does anyone have this problem? How do you guys solve this?

maybe try this one

and this