About the couchbase lite db13 delete data

I use the to-do list of couchbase lite db13 version.when I delete data from to-do list, the android prompt error:
/LiteCore [Sync]: {3} Got error response to rev todo213.360950db-c031-4899-8e42-82598379a8a9 #3-a5548960fc20101fff2c83c1f119222c325a5514 (seq 91): HTTP 500 'Internal error: EOF’
and the sync_gateway_error.log haven’t prompt error.
how can I resolve this issue?

Sounds like this may be related to this issue.
@hideki : Did the fix made it into DB 13?

I’m not sure this is the same bug. I’ve seen this error from SG, and it was caused by CBL creating a deleted revision with a body that’s an empty slice instead of a slice containing an empty Fleece dictionary.

is this a SG bug?or my Usage method?