2.0 DP3: .NET SDK 2.0 custom transcoder


We were relying upon a custom transcoder to compress binary data client side. Is it possible to configure a custom transcoder in SDK 2.0? The interface is there, but I have not found a place to configure the custom transcoder.

@RentierM -

The interface and abstraction is there, but there is no place to inject a custom transcoder at the moment. This will likely end up being a factory on the ClientConfiguration class. Something like this:

public class ClientConfiguration
     public Func<ITypeTranscoder> TranscoderFactory{get;set;}

Since the ClientConfiguration is passed through to pretty much all layers of the SDK. In fact, expect more injection points to open up for various components in future releases. An example is the serializer/deserializer which is currently Json.NET, but will likely be customizable to another JSON serializer/deserializer.