Couchbase Bucket does not use configured transcoder

I have configured the JSON serialiser settings using the Cluster constructor that takes a ClientConfiguration class.

When using the CouchbaseBucket class, any of the upsert methods, it creates an instance of Set, but uses the constructor that does not take the transcoder that the bucket is using, hence, it then defaults to DefaultTranscoder without any custom config settings.

Is there a reason for this? If not, can it be changed to inherit the buckets transcoder on Upsert?



I opened a bug on this:

@RentierM thanks for the bug report, it should be tackled in the next release.

Should be a quick fix, unless I am mistaken. Should just be able to use the constructor for the Set class that takes an ITranscoder interface, which you can pass in the transcoder stored on the couchbase bucket, and it should work :smile:

Look forward to it being released, at the moment we have our own couchbase sdk repo with the modification in there!