2.0 Dictionnary to object best practice with sync gateway?


When we are using couchbase lite 2.0, in link with sync gateway, do we need to take care of the “mobile” information stored into the document ?

This kind of informations :

"_sync": {
"rev": "1-92487c2a541c4e5c27a7a2cab75c6638",
"sequence": 4,
"history": {
  "revs": [
  "parents": [
  "channels": [
"cas": "",
"time_saved": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z"


There are some post about how to convert a Couchbase dictionnary into an custom working object, and the invert operation, but without real answer.

But today, with the dervelopper version 19 of couchbase 2.0, how really to do this ? And keep the link with sync gateway in the process ?

I’m in .Net, c#.

Thank you to share some exemples.



The _sync property you can see if you use Couchbase Server SDKs or the admin console is purely for internal use by Sync Gateway (and I think it’s not visible at all in the latest release of Server/SG.) Just ignore it.


Thank you.