Zip files for Listener packages


Could you provide zip files for the following .Net packages? (NuGet fails on my machine)


Nevermind. 7 zip opens .nupkg files just fine.

Are you using the VS 2015 RC? If so, you can run nuget update -self to update the version of nuget that supports Xamarin targets. The updated version won’t be used by VS, but will at least let you nuget directly from the command line.

Nope, I’m using Unity3D (MonoDevelop)… which doesn’t inherently do the NuGet thing. The NuGet command line was throwing errors and I didn’t feel like putting VisualStudio on my computer just to get a couple files.

But 7zip opened the file just fine, so I’m good on that. (Just waiting for the new Unity zip package with Listener!)

FYI For anyone else who comes across this thread, they are here ->

Big thanks! You guys rock

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