Xdcr statistics for docs_processed and docs_written

I am taking the XDCR metrics every minute. the remote cluster has a empty bucket. Once I start the XDCR, I take the metrics for docs_processed and docs_written. My understanding is that the average number of the 60 samples will equate to the number of documents in the source bucket. But I am not seeing that happening. Is my understanding incorrect about these metrics.

Also, my understanding on wtavg_docs_latency is that it is latency/millisecond to replicate the documents from source to target cluster

  1. docs_processed and docs_written should always show the cumulative value (if using xdcr replication stats) — i.e. the current total since beginning of replication start/resume.

  2. For wtavg_docs_latency, please see – https://www.couchbase.com/forums/t/xdcr-metrics-for-wtavg-docs-latency/31524