XDCR named collections back to _default


I’m facing difficulty in trying to replicate from a named scope/collection back to the _default scope. I can replicate data out from my _default collection of a bucket using the migration process to another bucket in a set of named collections. When I want to re-combine the data essentially from those named collections back to a _default scope _default collection of the original bucket there is no way that i can see to achieve this.

Is this possible?

Version: Enterprise Edition 7.1.1 build 3175

There is no “reverse-migration mode” that is built, because the behavior of such a design would be indeterministic from a user’s POV. Multiple separate collections can contain documents of the same key. Theoretically, if a replication is created in this way and both collections have documents of the same key, one of the source collection’s document would be lost.

Is there a reason why you would want to go back from multiple collections to a single one?

At the moment, you will need to probably create replication and explicitly map one of the migrated collection back to the original’s “_default._default” one by one.

Thanks for the reply.

We’re parallel testing an upgrade from old to new versions of cb so we need a way for new documents to flow back from multiple collections to a single one. I will be using the eventing service to control the “reverse-migration” which I’ve successfully tested.

Thank you for the input.