XDCR Mesh (many-to-many) Topology


We are planning to deploy 4 clusters, running at 4 different geographical sites, with bi-directional XDCR from each site to the other 3 sites.

I am almost sure of having seen a mention of many-to-many (mesh) topology support & diagram in the XDCR documentation. But cannot find that page now. I did find a blog though.

Hope it continues to be supported, even though not explicitly mentioned. It will be helpful if someone can point me to a page which either states that it is supported (or in case if not, then stating so).

If anyone here who is running such a cluster in production and can share their experience for e.g. unique issues, challenges, resource uitl, etc., then will very much appreciate it.


I’m not the authority on XDCR. A mesh is implied in the section on bidirectional XDCR. Cross Data Center Replication (XDCR) | Couchbase Docs. Just as bidirectional XDCR is simply two unidirectional XDCRs, a mesh is multiple bidirectional XDCRs. There are other configurations that will propagate changes among multiple clusters - such as a ring or a star.
Here’s a white paper on Couchbase High Availability.

thanks @mreiche for the response as well the whitepaper. It is helpful.

You’re correct, it’s implied. I simply recalled seeing a diagram, and its absence made me ponder.

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