XDCR between Docker Cointainer on different devices

I’m trying to replicate my Bucket from one device to another. On both devices i have Couchbase Enterprise Edition 7.6.1 running in Container. I can connect both devices and by checking the connection on Port 8091, i get a successful connection. But if i try to replicate, i get the following error message: : Ckmgr 48f9c92c90f9247f61ced03e5917a00a/WAGO/RPI2 initConnection error dial tcp connect: no route to host

IP is the Container IP from device 1 and IP is the Container IP from device 2. For the Remote Cluster i use the IP from the Host-Device 2. The problem is: By setting up the Cluster, device 1 looks for the Container IP from device 2. But by setting up the replication, device 1 uses the Container IP from device 2 but searches inside device 1 for this IP. Anyone else having this problem and knows how to solve this?