Xamarin.Android - Replicate database from emulator behind a proxy

Hi everyone,

Currently, I’m developing a Xamarin.Forms app using Couchbase Lite as my replication mechanism.
The problem I have is that my local network is behind a proxy and when I try to replicate the remote database from Visual Studio Emulator for Android I get a NameResolutionFailure.

The replication works well on physical devices and the proxy is properly defined on the emulator becasue I can browse without any problem.

I’ve been taking a look to the ReplicationOptions and nothing is said concerning the proxy setup. Besides, I’ve tried to add it using the Headers property with the key-value ‘proxy’ = ‘http://xxxxx’ and it didn’t work either.

Do you know if there’s a known mechanism for defining the proxy?

I recently got a pull request for setting up the library to make use of the library default system proxy, and I merged it but it is in the soon to be released 1.4 and not in any version prior (it was just something that never occurred to me). This might not be an issue if you try using this CI build (which is the current RC for .NET)

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Thank you very much!
I’ve downloaded the nupkg from you CI build and it works smoothly. However, as an alternative to the direct download, I’ve tried to use your CI Build as NuGet Package source but it didn’t work out. Error 404 is returned by NuGet.

Do you know if it’s possible or I should download the nupkg files and ask NuGet to get them from my local drive?

One further question, do you know the release date of version 1.4?

It’s not set up as a nuget feed, it’s just a dump of all the files created by the build server. I’m working on getting that changed for 2.0.

As far as the release date goes. We are on the verge of wrapping up QE. I don’t know the exact release date because it has slipped a couple times, but optimistically a couple weeks from Friday.

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Hi aalvarez,
can You share some sample For push and pull replication
for xamarin forms PCL.