Xamarin Android Map Reduce Help Needed

I simply want to create a View that uses Map-Reduce to do this: Say I have Documents for the Automobile Industry. I would like the user to query for a particular Make - say Ford for example. I would like the user to provide the Ford value via an EditText, Tap a Button, and the “Count” be shown in a TextView. So, to clarify, I want to do a count of a certain type of Document using Map-Reduce. I have searched for over 100 hundred hours on this and have not found not one single example - REAL example I mean. (I have read all the docs, only generic examples - no actual examples)
I am an experienced programmer 15+ yrs exp - all I need is one example, and I am good to go.
Can someone please assist me with this?

Hey @DonRedd2014,

Have you taken a look at the developer documentations on the ‘Working with Views’ section?

Best to go over the guide with understanding the Map functions

function(doc) { if (doc["type"] == "car") emit(doc["type"], doc["make"]); }

The map function here checks whether the document represents a vehicle type, and if it does, it calls emit to add the type and make to the index.

The resulting index maps type to make. You can then query it to look up the type and find the make.