Writing to a different bucket than default does not work

I am using couchbase-client-1.0.2 and couchbase 2.1.1
When i try to connect and write to a bucket other then the one called "default"
it still writes to “default”.
Here is the code i use to connect:

CouchbaseConnectionFactoryBuilder builder = new CouchbaseConnectionFactoryBuilder(); builder.setOpTimeout(LeadspaceProperties.getMemcachedOperationTimeout()).setProtocol(Protocol.BINARY).setHashAlg(DefaultHashAlgorithm.KETAMA_HASH);//.setMaxReconnectDelay(1); CouchbaseConnectionFactory factory = builder.buildCouchbaseConnection(serverList, "test" e, user, psw); CouchbaseClient client = new CouchbaseClient(factory); .....

please note that i am using a pool of clients, some to default and some to test.

Any idea what i am doing wrong?



Have you tried to update your Java SDK to the latest one? (1.2.2)

As you can see the 1.0.x is not supported with Couchbase 2.x


Thanks for the reply.
I am now trying to upgrade the couchbase client and spymemcached to:
But for some reason I fail to connect now.
First, it seems like the psw is mandatory to the bucket - which was not before
and then if i set “” as psw, it
I am getting this error:
Server returned HTTP response code: 401 for URL: http://dev17.HQ.LeadSpace.com:8091/pools
Seems like an authorization problem.

Any ideas? what has changed?

Actually i fixed that error by removing the user and adding password ""
However, now i get this problem:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Reconfigurable cannot be null and must never be re-set to a new object at com.couchbase.client.vbucket.ConfigurationProviderHTTP.subscribe(ConfigurationProviderHTTP.java:31)

Seems like this was supposed to be fixed on this version:

But it is not.
Has anyone succeeded on connecting with the new client?
Any idea what to do with this error?
thanks, Michal