Writing a View - like "IN" in SQL

Can you please help me to create a View which is equivalent of below select or solution on below as I have multiple fields where I need to use IN

SELECT * FROM Bucket WHERE CustomerId IN (10, 20, 30) AND DepartmentId IN (4, 5, 6)

Json data example

“FirstName”: “Nick”,
“DepartmentId” : 4
“FirstName”: “Mathew”,
"DepartmentId" : 6
“FirstName”: “Abhiijt”,
“DepartmentId” : 2

Thanks for your help in advance



This isn’t really NoSQL way of thinking.
You’re trying to match multiple fields with multiple inputs.

You’ll need to rethink it and build views that query one thing at a time.

For example if your key was:
[department_id, customer_id, name]

Then you can view all customers for a speific (or range) of department_ids, or all names from a range of customer_ids with the department_id specified. However you can’t view a range of department_ids, combined with a range of customer_ids. You have to fill the keys from left to right, including one to query the next.

Example “query”:
startkey = [“department1”, “customer1”]
endkey = [“department1”, “customer9”]

Example “like ‘customer%’ “query”:
startkey = [“department1”, “customer”]
endkey = [“department1”, “customer”.json_decode(’”\u0fff"’)]

Odd character set in these comments, that Yen symbol or whatever should be a slash. 0fff, a high numbered character, resulting in matching anything customer*.

[department_id, customer_id]
With this you can view all customer_ids for a department_id.

[customer_id, department_id]
Or all departments for a customer_id.