Windows VS linux - performance


We are looking at implement a big high performance Couchbase cluster, on a huge platform.
The platform is a .net web solution, but when we implement a new technology, we always go for the best performing platform(like Linux for varnish).

Question: Is Couchbase performing better on a Linux(Debian) server, compared to the same server with server 2012(x64)?


Hello Kristian.

We have large installs running on both Windows and LINUX (CentOS and Ubuntu) platforms and support them in an equal fashion. Generally speaking I haven’t seen anything that would push you one way or the other and recommend customers use what’s common in their environment.

Additionally, we have JAVA, .NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, C and Node.js supported SDK’s with additional community SDK’s as well (i.e. PERL, GO, etc). As a result, you should not be limited from a development perspective either.

As a matter of course we do perform early releases on LINUX first but this may not matter to you if you’re looking to go-live with the current 2.5.1 release that’s out there today.