Will Debian Stable binaries be available soon?

Debian 9 has been the stable version of Debian since June. At my company we are moving away from Debian 8 for all new deployments and this is a problem for any server that will need to connect to our Couchbase cluster because there is no binary SDK available. The old binary does not easily install on Debian 9.

Building from source comes with the README warning that the code has “not gone through our release testing process”, so I’m not keen on the idea of installing using that method. There’s the additional problem of requiring a fresh source build every time we want to update the library, rather than letting the package manager handle it. This is a problem when it’s deployed on a couple dozen servers.

At the moment we don’t have this scheduled, because it requires extra infrastructure setup for testing and releasing. But we definitely will target this in future. I would say about month or two.

Thanks. Unfortunately this is a major problem for any new deployments. I thought maybe the Git tag would let me compile the tested release code, but the latest 2.8.1 tag is failing unit tests.


1/10 Test #1: BUILD-TESTS … Passed 96.02 sec
Start 2: check-select-nonio-tests
2/10 Test #2: check-select-nonio-tests … Passed 0.04 sec
Start 3: check-select-rdb-tests
3/10 Test #3: check-select-rdb-tests … Passed 0.02 sec
Start 4: check-select-vbucket-tests
4/10 Test #4: check-select-vbucket-tests … Passed 0.04 sec
Start 5: check-select-mc-tests
5/10 Test #5: check-select-mc-tests … Passed 0.02 sec
Start 6: check-select-htparse-tests
6/10 Test #6: check-select-htparse-tests … Passed 0.02 sec
Start 7: check-select-unit-tests
7/10 Test #7: check-select-unit-tests …***Failed 300.02 sec
Start 8: check-select-sock-tests
8/10 Test #8: check-select-sock-tests … Passed 26.18 sec
Start 9: check-libevent-unit-tests
9/10 Test #9: check-libevent-unit-tests …***Failed 300.02 sec
Start 10: check-libevent-sock-tests
10/10 Test #10: check-libevent-sock-tests … Passed 28.11 sec

80% tests passed, 2 tests failed out of 10

Total Test time (real) = 750.51 sec

The following tests FAILED:
7 - check-select-unit-tests (Failed)
9 - check-libevent-unit-tests (Failed)
Errors while running CTest

Could you post build/Testing/Temporary/LastTest.log somewhere? The build here is the directory, where cmake keeps the build files.

I have fixed failing test on master. The issue was that we incorrectly detecting multiarch libpath there, but the library still good. All other tests were passing.

I built and rant the tests from master, but it still didn’t pass the tests.

See LastTest.log

The tests with mock requre java, and you can see that in the log:

/root/couchbase-sdk/libcouchbase/tests/start_mock.sh: 36: exec: java: not found

Could you install JRE on the test box?

@dtait, yesterday I have released 2.8.2, so once you install java on the box where you run tests, everything will be fine.

Also you can skip tests which require java to run our mock if you specify -DLCB_NO_MOCK=1 to cmake or ./configure.pl --disable-couchbasemock.