Why cbdocloader takes too much time? Also It gave an error "Connection reset by peer on slink"


I was inserting a bulk data using cbdocloader in a cluster. Below is the information of bucket.

Item Count before Insertion starts : 14,18,165
Number of JSON files to be inserted : 21,92,621
Below error occurred after inserting 4,36,793 number of JSON Files.

(1) Is there any way to resume the insertion?

(2) I have tried to do bulk insertion programmatically (using .NET sdk) as well as using “cbdocloader”, but in both cases couchbase is taking too much time while inserting data. For example, as explained above, to insert 4,36,793 number of documents it took almost 3 hours…!!
Why it’s taking too much time? Is it as designed or I’m missing anything? Can we do the same with less time?


Is there any way where I can insert bulk data quickly?

Please suggest me some document or blog or something.


There are various way you can import data to Couchbase. Depends on the shape/format of your data and the tools you can use.
Spark or Rx based applications are great for these kind of use cases. Here’s a couple of posts about this:


Here you have examples for importing data from CSV, Mongo, Couchdb or SQL database: