While creating gsi index the disk space is took up quickly

i am creating a gsi index ,i find that my disk is inexplicable been took up many space,and when it was created completely the disk space was not releaseed,Why Does It Happen?

Hi, can you gives us numbers about your cluster configuration, and the amount of documents and their average size in your cluster.

Can you also show us how you create your index?


yes,my cluster has 7 nodes that 4 act as data and query,3 act as index and query,there are 3715082 docs,every doc is about 900byte.Here is my index statement " CREATE INDEX idx_priceCheck_ExpireDate ON PriceCheckDB(ExpireDate) USING GSI;"

during build we do take up space and don’t release as aggressively to trade in space for better performance. However compaction eventually will kick in and compact as fragmentation hits %30. How large is the index on disk?

my index was about 2.9GB,i was creating it 10 day before.but my disk space been tooken about 14GB and didn`t release.Then i restart the couchbase service,the disk space was released.Why does this happen?

compaction is the process that cleans up the dead space in files. it kicks in periodically. Could you share your cb_collectinfo? I am at cihan@couchbase.com if you’d like to privately send that over.