Which View option would be better for my project, stale: false or updateMinChanges: 1

my project has 2 buckets, users and contents. users db is changed very frequently, but contents db have few updates daily.
to have a better View performance, I am using stale: ok options, which will use the exists index data without any updates, And I update the view global setting with updateMinChanges: 1, so index data will be auto-updated after 5 sec (default) when there is 1 record change.

Does the above View option a good idea for my project ? or should I simple change to stale: false and set the updateMinChanges back to 5000 ?

@ChopperLee it really depends on if your application can use the old data briefly when contentsdb has changed. If the answer is yes – i.e., it can tolerate seeing old data for a little while, then your approach of setting updateMinChanges and stale=ok seems fine to me.

On the other hand, if you want to be sure the changes to contentsdb are always immediately seen, then setting stale=false is the only option.

Finally, you can set stale=update_after which will force it to check if there is any indexing needed after running the view query.

So basically, all of above are valid. If you can outline what inconsistency your application cannot tolerate, it will narrow down the choices from above.

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