Where to put the % in the LIKE opertator using python SDK 3.0

I am trying to perform some queries in python, here’s my code:

cluster = Cluster('couchbase://localhost', ClusterOptions(PasswordAuthenticator('Nicola', 'tirocinio')))
bucket = cluster.bucket('getting-started-bucket')
cb_coll = bucket.default_collection()
result = cluster.query("SELECT * FROM `getting-started-bucket` WHERE id LIKE '$1%'", '-386288192 418906459')

I can’t understand where to place the % in the like clause, the only way I found in which the query retrieves the documents is the following

result = cluster.query(“SELECT * FROM getting-started-bucket WHERE id LIKE ‘-386288192 418906459%’”)

But obviously I need to parameterize the operation, any suggestion?

remove from query and add in parameter

result = 
cluster.query("SELECT * FROM `getting-started-bucket` WHERE id LIKE $1", '-386288192 418906459%')