Where to fine RPMs for RHEL7

I need to download 2 rpms for python package install , libcouchbase-devel , libcouchbase2-bin as server is behind firewall and has no access to internet.

Also need the whl or zip file for pip offline install, not sure where to get that.

Can anyone help

Hi, the artefacts should be directly downloadable from here:

PYCBC 2.x uses the 2.10.x libcouchbase packages
PYCBC 3.x uses the 3.0.x packages, though you will need to set PYCBC_BUILD=distutils to build against a manually downloaded LCB package, as it will attempt to download LCB 3 by default.

The primary installation guide for libcouchbase is here:


Hope that helps,



Yes this helped, thanks for the rpms.

Not sure im clear on where to find the zip or .whl file to download to install couchbase in python3.

Normally i just down load a .whl file and use pip to install package from local file.

Hi, you should be able to use pip download to download the files for offline install:


Hope that helps.