Where is the API to CouchDB lite REST API documented?

If I understood correctly, when you use the CouchDB Lite with Phonegap, you are supposed to use the REST API. Unfortunately, I found nowhere where this API was documented… Is it the same as the CouchBase Server’s ? Can we access it with the jquery.couch.js library ? How can we setup the CouchBase lite sync url ?

Seems that the Todolite sample uses the coax library, for communicating in Ajax with CouchBase Lite, but reverse engineering of the sample is not straightforward …

Thanks for any answer …

We’re actively working on full documentation for the REST APIs and are looking to release this documentation as part of our Beta 2 release, which is next week.

The REST API is the same as CouchDB’s, with a few minor differences. Until we publish our own docs, you can read the CouchDB docs here: