What is the most effective approach to update an array in doc

I currently have docs of type email_campaign , for speed i have an error in the doc’s which lists all email addresses this campaign went too which looks something like this below. how can i look for a match in an array of an array and then updated the document that contains the match in array.
So for example how to i find any doc under emails which has an "a****@wdc.com in its email array and then set the the key of bounce = true. I am trying to use N1QL to avoid multiple network roundtrips as i otherwise have to go use doc or subdoc to get emails array then go thru it to find match and then upsert the array again.

  "_type": "email_campaign",
  "status": "Active",
  "start_date": "04/17/2020",
  "end_date": "",
  "template_id": "template::0a2decdd-3acd-4661-9721-1a9ec0d039e6",
  "summary": "Reflections Update",
  "metrics": {
    "first_email_sent": "",
    "last_email_send": "2020-04-17T22:11:52.317Z",
    "nbr_of_emails": 185,
    "nbr_of_bounces": 1,
    "nbr_of_email_opened": 0,
    "nbr_of_attachments_opened": 0,
    "nbr_of_unique_email_opened": 0,
    "nbr_of_unique_attachments_opened": 0
  "tags": [],
  "librarys": [],
  "history": {
    "created_on": "04/17/2020 13:24:33",
    "created_by": "1233",
    "updated_on": "",
    "updated_by": ""
  "emails": [
      "email": [
      "track_request": "track_request::9189a59f-55e4-4cf2-a692-4e9a80fd3125",
      "tracking_nbr": "4b6hCNt-6"
      "email": [
      "track_request": "track_request::7832472e-2eae-4bbe-83a7-fd928f7acd9c",
      "tracking_nbr": "s-Z4t9fwJ6"
UPDATE Contacts AS c
SET e.bunce = true FOR e IN c.emails WHEN "a****@wdc.com" IN e.email END
WHERE c._type = "email_campaign"
                    ANY  emails IN c.emails SATISFIES  (ANY e IN emails SATISIFES e =  "a****@wdc.com"END) END;

Thanks as always, i will see how query performs vs the Sub Doc and findIndex and an update which makes it 2 Requests

const updateBounceCampaign = async( campaign, email) => {
    // get the Campaign Doc 
    const doc = await couch.getDoc('contacts', campaign)
    // Set Email Array 
    const emailArray = doc.result.value.emails
    // Find Index of email in array
    const index = emailArray.findIndex(item => item.email.includes(email))
    // If Index > -1 we will set Bounce flag
    if (index > -1){
        let newData = emailArray[index]
        newData.bounce = true
        await couch.patchArraySingleItem('contacts', campaign,'emails', index, newData)
        await updateBounceCount(campaign)

N1QL is full document update. If you have document key you can use SDK subdoc.