What is the meaning of curr_items, curr_items_tot and vb_replica_curr_items?

Hi, I’ve a 2 nodes cluster with 3 buckets that I’m trying to monitor.

Using /pools/default/buckets I can see for one of the buckets :

nodes": [

    "interestingStats": {
        "curr_items": 37668,
        "curr_items_tot": 37728,
        "vb_replica_curr_items": 60
    "replication": 1,

“interestingStats”: {
“curr_items”: 37461,
“curr_items_tot”: 37537,
“vb_replica_curr_items”: 76
“replication”: 1,

In the fancy webconsole, I can read
item counts = 136,
I guess this number is the sum of vb_replica_curr_items

So, what curr_items and curr_items_tot mean ?

This bucket has no replication at all. So I guess “replicaNumber”:0 reflects this. Am I right ? Still I can’t understand the meaning of “replication”: 1.

I tried to browse the documentation but couldn’t find anything about it. Is it missing ?

Many thanks for your help.

curr_items is the number of items / documents that are "Active"
vb_replica_curr_items is the number of items / documents that are "Replica"
curr_items_tot is the total number of items / documents active and replica.

If you have inserted 100 documents into couchbase,

curr_items will be 100
if you have 1 replica, vb_replica_curr_items will be 100
curr_items_tot will be 200.

If you hover over the stats in the UI, you will see the internal stat that is it using to display.

Screenshot here.