What is the max size of index of a view

Is there any default Index size in Couchbase for a View?

We are seeing older objects disappearing once the View size increases to about 30,000 objects in our case.

The newer objects can be queried from the view.

Sunil Singh

View size is only really limited by how much hard drive you have.

Older elements in the view not being seen… are you using the sdk to get view data?
Try setting the view limit to a specific number

As Househippo said the limit is the disk size. Remember that index are, like all files in Couchbase, append only so file can grow big then will be compacted ( see http://blog.couchbase.com/compaction-magic-couchbase-server-20 )

About your specific question, may be you can use this debug option to see what is happening :


Seems we had been using Development Views which is why we were not seeing all the data getting indexed.

So after publishing the Views, we no longer see this problem.