What is the cost associated with adding a document to a channel that no one replicates?

What kind of performance overhead is incurred when a document is added to a channel via the Sync Function API? Is there indexing and such that must take place?

I’ve just noticed that we have some documents being added to channels that will likely never be replicated, and I am wondering if this can impact performance negatively.

It will of course have some impact. There’s various caching that happens, including data that goes back to Couchbase Server, so I think it’s a bit of a complex question. How many channels are you looking at?

It would be one channel per document times 1000s of these specific kinds of documents where this scenario would occur.

Not sure if that helps at all, but I think the answer is, of course there is overhead associated with adding channels and un-used/un-replicated ones should be removed.

Yes, unfortunately I don’t know of any precise numbers, and as mentioned the full impact will depend on details of the scenario. At the 1000s level I don’t expect it will be a major issue.