What is the base number of resources used by CB and SG?

By “base number”, I’m referring to the resources used used when there is minimal activity and no connections?

I’m running into timeouts, and I think it’s from file descriptor exhaustion (or CPU issues). I have a cron job running showing the number of open file descriptors:

Before Couchbase or Sync Gateway wake up, total file descriptors (from ‘sudo lsof’): 1435

8074 total     3307 beam.smp   1995 memcached    552 moxi    157 nginx    130 node    145 PM2     96 sync_gate

Do those numbers seem correct? High? Low? That’s on boot-up with no other activity. Anytime my total # file descriptors gets near 8192, the timeouts start popping up. And I have set my soft/hard /etc/security/limits.conf to 50000

From these numbers, I don’t understand the need of setting the ulimit > 10200 though, as that’s a per user number I thought?


Here is the cron job I’m using to get those numbers:

lsof > /home/sj/tmp
echo "`date`  `wc -l < /home/sj/tmp;` total  `cat /home/sj/tmp | cut -d' ' -f1 | sort | uniq -c | grep -E 'beam.smp|memcached|moxi|nginx|node|PM2|sync_gate' | tr -d '\n'`" >> /home/sj/lsof-count.log

I’ve also noticed that my Couchbase Server uses 100% CPU for a couple of seconds every 2 minutes (like clockwork) - my page faults also go up to about 25k for that time too. What is happening that would cause this?