What is meaning of success returned by ExecuteGet

I am updating to version 1.3.5 of .Net API.
Server is on 2.5.0

When calling ExecuteGet for invalid key “Success” on IGetOperationResult seems to be always false.
This appears to be true for all versions of ExecuteGet.

I would expect “Success” to indicate success of the call to the server and then the HasValue and status code (1 for key does not exist) to confirm that the key did not exist.

Can someone please confirm expected behaviour ?

I know there was a recent update to the method that accepts a list of keys to distinguish missing keys from network issues.


You have some good arguments here, but in it’s current incarnation Success is true if the operation completed successfully, meaning the request made it to the server and the server found the key. For versions 1.X of the .NET client, this won’t change, however there is potential for this to change in the yet to be released 2.X version depending upon community feedback.

Edit: You can always create a jira ticket requesting this change: http://www.couchbase.com/issues/browse/NCBC