What does this error means stderr: CBL ionic electron js, its coming after Couchbase Lite is Ready

I am using Electron wrapper for couchbase lite, after connecting with couchbase lite it showing this error. can someone explain this piece of code, thanks
this.serverProcess.stderr.on(‘data’, function (data) {
console.error(“stderr: CBL ionic electron js”);

[Sync] ERROR: {Repl#2} Got LiteCore error: CouchbaseLiteException (POSIXDomain / 108): Unknown error. (2/108)

For the first question, you’d have to ask whoever wrote that Electron wrapper. It’s not something we support.

The second question: This is an error with an errno value of 108. Unfortunately these numbers are not consistent between platforms (only the names), so you’d have to look at the C header errno.h on your platform and see what the name of the code with value 108 is. (It seems to be an obscure error, since strerror wasn’t able to find a string for it.)