What are the software applications where couch base server should not be used?

Hi Guys… I’m bit new to couch base and exploring what no sql an do. So if any one can give an idea what are the domains where no sql is suitable. For example e commerce application. etc…

Couchbase Server is a relatime operational database however it is not the database for machine learning. deep analytics and long running transactional processing.
Even though N1QL is there for realtime queries and realtime reporting, scanning petabytes is not what N1QL delivers. Even though we have ACID properties available for single document operation that can embed things like orders+order_details in a single document in document databases, Couchbase Server does not provide transactional support over multiple documents today and is not designed for long running transactional workflows over multiple documents.

Thank you very much for the reply. We are evaluating couch base server for a subscriber management and billing system. Do you think is it a good decision to build a subscriber management and billing system on top of couch base?

Yes. we have a few examples like the system at Tesco, Paypal, eBay and others here. and here.
So we have many similar systems deployed with customers.

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Thank you very much for the reply. But our system is work flow oriented system. So the main problem we face is we cannot perform activities between a transaction. and if some activity fails we wanted to roll back activities taken place. For Example lets assume i have a customer boarding work flow. In that work flow creates customer profile account for the profile and orders for that customers account. For example due to some reason orders creation activity get fails. So in couch base created customer profile and account remains. In a relational data base we can perform transactions and if order creation fails all previous created customer profile and account get rolled backed. Is there a way to handle that kind of scenario in couch base?