What are the ports exposed for use and are all ports available to be configured?

Just want to know whether all ports are configurable in Couchbase or not and what all are the ports which are exposed and available for usage ?

There is a section on this in the documentation at developer.couchbase.com.

Can you please share the exact link, I am unable to get it.

although we can see ports 8091,8092,8093 and 8094 as available for configuration but are their any other ports which can be used? Whether they all are configurable ?

Thanks in advance.

If anyone can suggest , Please . My work is stuck due to this issue, Please guide me through.

Can we have the suggestions please ?

Can anyone suggest the solution?

Hi @7984090064manjhi

Too bad you didn’t get much of a response.

I’m not sure if you can even configure any Couchbase ports. Normally you don’t really have to do that. Seeing as Couchbase is always supposed to be the only ‘real server/application’ installed on that computer. And nothing else. ( or it will slow it down )

If you need to remap the ports, then I would almost suggest to rethink your solution perhaps, and find a different way. Because the only one who can/should connect to Couchbase is another server (php/python/node/java/etc/) that is installed on a separate server. (and not a user or anything firewall related )

But I did take a screenshot of all the required ports just yesterday. Don’t mind sharing it with you. :+1:
Hope this helps a little.

The below link has the information on the API that would show all the ports being used by different nodes in the Couchbase cluster.

Example API:
curl -v -X GET -u Administrator:password http://host:8091/pools/default/nodeServices