Weird, view name affect the view result!


My ios app runs couchbase lite (by using Couchbase-Lite-PhoneGap-Plugin) quite well, however things is not going smooth on android, one big problem is that some views can not get results, and some views can, I can not find any significant difference, when I just changed the view name without any other changes, the view result is different.

Couchbase-Lite-PhoneGap-Plugin version: 1.2.1
Android version: 4.4.2

The view definition:

` novals_by_uid_workoutid: {
map: [
“function(doc) { if (doc.t && doc.t === ‘S’)”,
" { emit([doc.u, doc.w]); }",
reduce: [
“function(keys, values) { return values.length; “,
” “,


The query params: { descending: true, limit: 3, reduce: false, include_docs: true }

My tests show that with view name novals_by_uid_workoutid, it can get 3 docs, and get 0 doc with view name by_uid_workoutid.

I switched back Couchbase-Lite-PhoneGap-Plugin to 1.2.0, view novals_by_uid_workoutid can only get 1 doc, and 0 doc for Couchbase-Lite-PhoneGap-Plugin 1.1.1.

I can not understand why view names can affect the view result, but change other view names does no effects.

How to move forward?

Thanks for any help!



These are affected by JsonMappingException, after fixed the exception problem, query behaviour back to normal.

JsonMappingException on android