[WEB/UI] pagination buttons doesn't go further than 10 pages


When I have pageLimit set to 100 the next page button (pagination) is disabled at page 10 (where pageNumber equals 9, because it starts from 0)

When I set the pageLimit to 1, I only can get to page 1000 (999 as pageNumber in the url)

When I increase the value of pageLimit in the url with one, the next button is enabled again.

The current version I run:

Version: 4.6.0-3453 Enterprise Edition (build-3453)

This doesn’t seem to be expected behaviour, is this a known bug? Is this something only in 4.6 (dev preview)

– Jesse


Where the first has pageNumber = 9 and the second has pageNumber = 10

Hi @jesse,

The released versions of Couchbase are not able to efficiently page through the documents, thus the farther down the list you go, the heavier the load on the server to get the next page (and the longer it will take). As a result, the UI attempts to prevent you from going past document #1000, though you’ve discovered a bug that lets you get around that. If you’re willing to risk the extra load on the server, you can keep going. (Another way around is to edit the URL manually to specify a page past 10.)

We are working on the ability to efficiently page through all the documents for a future release, which would avoid this problem/limitation.



Thank you for your Reply, @Eben.

I hope the fix will be there soon

– Jesse