We would like to use multiple type meta id in our database

Hey ,

We are currently using uuid in meta id of every document but now we would like to use another type of data use as a meta id!

EX. our current meta id is : test|23223be6-a94a-4940-1qdd-15f05e678061 and now we are going to use test|abcd-ddf-2-1123672904-285756,

So now onwards we will have one type documents have multiple type of meta ids.

We have checked from our side where ever we have kept UUID validation they we have changed to this both type …

so is there any thing we need to take care or any problem can happen or is there any impact on our server?

Hi @Nitin_Prajapati - there won’t be any issue from the database storage perspective. Are you wanting to migrate your existing documents from one format to another or just have the two formats co-existing?

Hi @perry , Thank you for updates, and yes we just have the two formats co-existing!

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