We want to get rid of bucket shadowing but we are facing many issues

Our solution needs to syncronize data coming from both mobile devices and web page. We want to get rid of bucket shadowing but we are facing many issues. Any help to these questions is well appreciated.
We have moved to these versions: CB 4.1, Sync GW 1.2 CB mobile 1.2.

  1. the first question is, on sync gateway, which bucket shall we keep on using? the one where sync gateway was connected to (which contains revision info) (shadow bucket) or the original bucket?
  2. On the web application, we are moving to the new Java SDK and got rid of ektorp. Is the SDK talking to the database via sync gateway or is is talking directly to the database?
  3. If the SDK talks directly to the database, how will the sync gw know the changes in order to replicate to the mobile app?

We have made some tests, we changed the sync gw configuration to eliminate bucket shadowing, we kept only the bucket that the sync GW was connected to, but when we write any document from the web app (through Java SDK) we are not able to see it in the mobile app.

So in summary, the big question is how to configure sync gw to be able to sync data written from both sources: the web app and the mobile app with no shadowing?
BR Sandra

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  1. Keep the Sync Gateway bucket, i.e. the shadow bucket.
  2. The Couchbase SDKs talk directly to the db server, bypassing Sync Gateway. You can’t use those with the SG bucket.
  3. It doesn’t. That’s what bucket shadowing is for.
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