Warmup Access logs

During warmup would deleting the access logs for each node speed up the warmup time of a node during a planned power cycle. Would this be possible, and would their be any undesirable effects.

Using Enterprise 7.1.1


No. The time to delete the logs would (very slightly) increase the startup time.

If you had a crash and then restarted, you wouldn’t have the logs to help diagnose what caused the crash.

Thank you for your reply.

That’s interesting and according to couchbase documentation the log indicates which keys have been frequently read or written. Would we see a higher cache miss ratio then if the access log didn’t exist once warmup had finished.

I’m only asking as i just thought would it make the warmup process finish a bit quicker with a high cache miss ratio.


How would deleting the log change the cache miss ratio?

How would a higher cache miss ratio speed up the startup?

Why do you even need to speed up the startup? - it only takes a few seconds.