WAN 2 LAN XDCR Replication 11210: i/o timeout

Hi all.
We have two machines, a local and a remote one (WAN). All the required ports are opened in both machines. Then we create Cluster Reference from WAN machine to LAN machine. There is no problem and we can connect ok from there to here.
As second step, now we create a replication to our reference Cluster. Destination bucket exists, of course. Values in advanced replication settings are by default.
Replication starts, but 10 seconds later we get this error:
2016-03-08 16:06:54 b5877ff7210c3890fe552207c13b39d0/beer-sample/Cerveza2 failed to start, err=map[xmem_b5877ff7210c3890fe552207c13b39d0/beer-sample/Cerveza2_192.168.0.106:11210_0:dial tcp i/o timeout]

Any of you got this problem and solved it anytime? Can we modifie if apply timeout values to increase them?
Thanks in advance to all

Hi Javier, Can you please provide some additional information - which version? OS platform (source & destination)?

Thank you

Anil Kumar

Hi Anil.
In both cases (source & destination) OS is Ubuntu Server 14.04.4 LTS, Couch base community 4.0. All the required ports are opened in both machines. There isnĀ“t an active firewall. We only are using a routing policy from one IP to another. One of these machines is under Citrix XenServer.

Thank you for your help. I am waiting for your comments.